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of the mission, the nine-member parachute team from all over the u.s. flew to the staging area in port-au-prince. they were medical workers, a computer technician, an actor, retirees, and pilots. and immediately they prepared to make a jump charged with uncertainty. >> it's almost a guarantee ankle buster or leg buster if you land on that creek. >> the kicker was the parachute team was to jump from a plane used on dday. dropping u.s. paratroopers into normandy 66 years ago. what are you doing here? >> we asked ourself that. ♪ >> and in madore, itself, people were asking that same question, wondering what exactly was going on. some prayed for salvation. others just stared at the sky. engines roaring, the parachute team onboard, phase one of the mission to rescue madore got under way. and stan's old bird lumbered into the air with its vital cargo of cholera medicine. sounds like you keep your fingers crossed and you plunge ahead. >> yes. 18 miles to madore. there's the church. i got the church in sight. >> 20 minutes later they were circling over the drop zone. >> okay. i'm on the down
troops have joined in rescue and recovery efforts and now help arriving from all over the world. the u.s. navy has sent helicopters and ships loaded with relief supplies. >> i'm sorry it happened in japan but we're over here to help protect the japanese people. >> reporter: search and rescue teams from 45 countries including south korea, new zealand and the uk joined leaf efforts. here in the u.s., volunteer crews from virginia to california headed to japan. >> to me, it's the right thing to do, as a united states citizen, a member of the international search and rescue community. >> we love you. thank you, sweetheart. >> reporter: dr. ikahar is now based in l.a. and heading to sendai with the international medical core. >> this is not a one day one month one week process, this is going to be an ongoing process, i will have the privilege of going there in an very immediate stage. >> reporter: by saturday night, the statistics in japan were looking more and more grim. we have seen the wreckage of trains and mud and debris. now, there was a report four entire trains were missing and fires
. back in the united states, john's family got the news of the confessions from the u.s. embassy. did you breathe a sigh of relief when you heard that at least two of these people were going to be prosecuted in your brother's death? >> oh, yes. at first we didn't have high hopes because they said thailand, you know, the government out there is nothing like ours and, you know, the police force is nothing like ours and when it happened four months later, oh, yeah, that was a great feeling because i thought, i can't even believe this is happening, they caught him so fast. >> there was a lot more to the story. john's family was about to receive more sickening news. >> don't want to know that because then you never trust anybody again. >> when james gave his confession, there was one crucial detail that would change everything. james also implicated someone else. someone very close to john, and it was really a shocker. john's fiancee and business partner, dara panasy. fbi special agent lawton says james gave him a detailed description of the alleged plot. >> james gave it up. we went back over
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. >> the star indicates the location of the earthquake when it occurred in the u.s. >> reporter: dr. rick nabb is the expert on earthquakes and waves. he said it was too close to the epicenter to avoid being hit. >> the tsunami was generated quickly and reached japan with very little warning, if any, for people in northern japan. >> reporter: today's devastation was caused when the earth's plates shifted under the water and pushed the ocean upwards and out. >> it has to be at least a 7 or more in order to generate a tsunami. this was 8.9. it had the up and down motion exerted on the water that generated the tsunami. it's the magnitude, and where it occurs. >> reporter: once it builds up a head of steam nothing stops it. >> water is heavy. it essentially pushes the water inland. it's like a big car. then this fast-moving, heavy water is filled with debris. all of that is very, very dangerous. even just the force of the water can kill someone in the path of a tsunami. >> reporter: as japan struggled to deal with the aftermath, it was becoming clear. this disaster wasn't over yet. hundreds of mil
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phone. u.s. marshals were monitoring. they looked up the number that had called michelle's parents. >> the database told them this woman had a son in his mid 20s who lived in south florida. >> did he know the missing michelle? the cops found him, staked him out. then followed him to that little white beach cottage. where he and michelle were in for a big surprise. >> following a developing story out of florida. a woman wanted for the murder of her husband has been arrested in florida. >> at the time of the arrest inside her apartment we found magazines describing ways of how to go undercover in the united states, obtain new identity. >> books on learning spanish, travel guides for latin countries, an array of fake i.d.s. then invest michelle's appearance. >> she had changed her appearance. cut and dyed her hair. had plastic surgery done. >> anything at all to say? >> a few days later, michelle her face swollen and smeared with ointment from cosmetic surgery, was driven back to fayetteville. she was charged with first-degree murder and locked up without bail. and two years later, in
a warning to the u.s. .. how the white house responded.. a major step towards equality tonight... .. lawmakers in . >>> the response to charlie sheen's initial media blitz was overwhelming. after our interview aired on the "today" show, he called and invited us back to his house. he had lots more to say, and you've been hearing much of it for the first time tonight. he was calmer, seemed more focused, ready for the next round in his no holds bar bout with the producers of "two and a half men" and eager to critique his performance on the "today" show that morning. >> i thought it was honest, had a terrific energy. a great back-and-forth banner, all just delivering the truth. >> you coined serious phrases. wherever i go today, people are saying, winning, war lock, tiger's blood. where do these come from? weird charlie-isms? >> yeah. take the baton from chuck norris. >> the self-proclaimed winner had just heard about what he saw as his first victory. >> there are times to rest after this. but the news that we just got, can we talk about that, about the -- >> warner brothers has ag
from around the world. representing the u.s. was first lady nancy reagan. outside the royal procession to the cathedral got under way as queen elizabeth traveled with prince philip, the groom dressed in his royal navy uniform made his way in a coach with prince andrew. back at clarence house the bride was just about ready. >> i thought she was breathtaking. i thought she looked great. >> i walked with her to the carriage and she went in and leaned over and said is everything okay and she said yes and gave my hand a little squeeze like that and then that was it. >> and off she went in the glass coach. it was a storybook moment as the 20-year-old bride rode with her father earl spencer along the parade route to st. paul's cathedral. eve pollard was a wedding commentator for the bbc. >> when you saw her in that glass carriage, that was your first view of her in the dress. >> so exciting. >> do you remember what you thought. >> well, the most interesting thing that i thought, the thing that caught my eye very quickly, a bit of sun came in that window and she had little sequins on her veil.
krevor says this is typical. he runs the dylan martin institute, the largest organization in the u.s. counseling gay and lesbian youths. when adults ignore bullying it's harder for young bystanders to step in. >> at the end of the day, the parents, the guardians, people in authority set the tone. >> reporter: so will these boys do anything to stop the bullying? even though the coach won't? >> hi my name's marcus. >> i'm othnel. >> i'm brandon. >> reporter: the parents know it's a lot to ask. >> i think he'll wait and see what happens. i think he'll just sit back and kind of take it all in and watch. >> reporter: brandon issen in athlete and tough competitor. his mom isn't sure how he'll act. >> i know how i want him to respond. everything he does is generally honorable but we'll see. >> run in place, 15 more seconds. >> reporter: we'll be watching what happens. of course the real boys don't know the gym is rigged with hidden cameras or that the coach, the bullies and the victim are just acting. >> go. >> reporter: remember the actors will be using offensive words commonly used in sit
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)

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